Eintracht – Benfica 18 APR 2019


Eintracht – Benfica 18 APR 2019

The German underdog or a favorite of Portugal? Dortmund or Benfica? Who will make it to the semifinals of the LES on the next Thursday? According to quotes , the official bookmakers, you are unlikely to lose the advantage extracted at the estádio da Luz. But let's not get ahead of ourselves to bury far not the easiest team from Frankfurt.


The Germans almost guaranteed a competition by good performances in the Bundesliga. Fifty-two points and fourth position in just five rounds to finish. So why not devote some energy Leagues of Europe? Apparently, just doing an Austrian mentor ADI Hutter. It is unlikely that he would allow his teams to lose to Augsburg fourteenth of April, and even at home, if not shore of their key players for the opposition in the LE?


"Red" with this team it would be worthwhile to Shine in the Champions League. But, as practice shows, not always the best players in the world can help their teams at the most crucial moment. Here and Benfica playing at home, poltaym couldn't do anything to stop the guests from Germany in the first match ¼ LE. But still the wards Bruno Lage guaranteed a significant advantage. It remains only to hold it. On foreign soil. Against the team to lose, in fact, have nothing.


Let Eintracht Frankfurt and lost with the score 4:2, he still has a chance to be rehabilitated. After Benfica failed to score in equal structures, and even after the removal of one of the players of the German club managed to miss twice. Therefore our forecast – P1. Due to the nature of the "eagles" that will address the family stands. That's only if they had enough of this victory to reach the semi-finals?

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