Eintracht Frankfurt – Chelsea 2 may 2019


Eintracht Frankfurt – Chelsea 2 may 2019

The Germans against the British. A classic confrontation awaits football fans in the semifinals of the LES. Dortmund or Chelsea? Who will win in Frankfurt am main? If you believe the odds official bookmakers, you are bound to win guests. That's just it so seriously "Retired" superior uncompromising "eagles"?


Wards Austrian mentor, ADI Hutter have a great season. In the Bundesliga, they are almost guaranteed a place in the top four, which will allow them to play in the Champions League this autumn. So why not relax and not try to win the international trophy.

Eintracht have already proved that he is not afraid of the strongest of opponents and are able to play with them at least on equal terms. Remember that in the playoffs LE this year to meet with German Eagles unlucky Shakhtar, inter and Benfica. That is, the three clubs that can make a splash in the Champions League. So why not frankfurters to deal with the London giants?


But the team of Sarri's still not guaranteed a place in the Champions League. It is possible that Chelsea's more realistic to break into the main European Cup tournament after victory in the LE. But for this you first need to cope with the German team on site. And Londoners are not too confident playing at the international level this spring.

Yes, "Retired" dealt with Malmo, Dynamo Kiev and Czech Slavia in the play-offs. But only the Ukrainians they defeated with a crushing. And Eintracht much stronger than all three of those teams. Perhaps even put together...


For more than a century of history each of the clubs they have never had to cross at official meetings. And it is extremely difficult to say who will win at the Commerzbank-Arena. But since both the callactive like to play attacking football, and it does not have a highly reliable protection, our forecast – total over 2.5. And plus, we should consider the option in which both teams will score.

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