Argentina – Croatia, June 21, 2018, forecast and bet on the world Cup


Argentina – Croatia, June 21, 2018, forecast and bet on the world Cup


After a meeting with the Icelanders Messi and his teammates will meet up with another not very strong, but very uncompromising European team were Croats. But the South Americans, under the leadership of Edgardo Busy is no stranger to beat the best teams of the Old world. For example, in the first friendly match in 2018, which took place at the end of March, they confidently defeated the Italians with the account 2:0.

And to the final of the world Cup players still have time to get in shape. So they simply need to cope with any opponent. At least in group D. No wonder that the experienced bookies think the Argentina national team the favorite of the Quartet. And there are good reasons.


Let the Croats and qualified for the 2018 world Cup only after a round of the playoffs, which surely defeated the Greeks, to underestimate this team is not worth it. All in all, it gathered talented and famous athletes – Rakitic, Modric, Mandzukic and others. So opponents of the Croats will have to work hard to achieve positive results in meetings with them. Even such outstanding teams as Argentina's national team.


Let the Croats and remain a formidable opponent, but still the Argentines are obliged to beat them, if you want to prove that you are worthy of struggle for the Cup of the world championship. So our forecast – P1. Yeah, easy victory, Messi and his teammates at this time can not see. But Argentina is much more prominent players. And the team is able to cope not only with the Croats but also with more experienced teams.

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