Arsenal – Rennes 14 Mar 2019


Arsenal – Rennes 14 Mar 2019

One of the most interesting interchanges 1/8 finals, LES will be held in London. Will Arsenal to score two goals that losing the French? Or Rennes will not let the Arsenal in the quarter-finals? According to official bookmakers, then still have to undergo the owners return match. But everything is so disappointing for the French team?


With the arrival of Unai emery for the coaching bridge "Gunners" began to show a completely different football than under Arsen Wenger. They look fresh and interesting. That's just from the abundance of injuries the players, "the Gunners" and failed to go anywhere. And partly because of the constantly filled the infirmary Arsenal by the middle of March is only on the fourth place of the Premier League. Perhaps Londoners will be able to "shoot" in the Europa League?

The second most important European club competition from the Gunners hasn't had any problems. In the group stage, they have never lost (five wins and a draw). In February narrowly lost out BATE, but managed to win at home. And now the British once again have to repeat this task.


Strong middle peasants of the championship of France is far from a frequent guest in Europe. Here and at the end of the current League 1 Rennes runs the risk to miss Euro arenas. Unless by some miracle the "Red-black" will make it to the final LE. Until they have bad it goes.

Autumn in the Europa League Rennes are not particularly Shine, but still came second in group K. And in February he left out of the tournament Spanish Betis (3:3 at home and 1:3 away). That is, it is still a team with character. So Arsenal have already managed to feel the power of the French to yourself, losing with the score 3:1.


Still, the Gunners have to win guests. The question is: will there be enough of their efforts to pass in chetvertinal? Our forecast – a victory of Arsenal. But then can pass and Rennes.

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