Australia – Peru, 26 June 2018 forecast and bet on the world Cup


Australia – Peru, 26 June 2018 forecast and bet on the world Cup

Team Australia

The output of the Australians in the final of the 2018 world Cup cannot be called a miracle. But for some bookmakers and fans this event is a surprise. By far not the strongest team of the world, which is in the FIFA ranking thirty-seventh place, and could not get to the world Cup.

Preparations for the tournament, the Australians started with two friendly matches at the end of March. They are devastating lost to the Norwegians (4:1) and played a draw with the Colombians (0:0). The second match clearly hints at an attempt to pick a lock to the gate of the national team of Peru. But Peruvians still differ in style of play from the Colombians. And meeting with them can end absolutely on-to another...

The National Team Of Peru

Wards Ricardo Garci both March match won. They met with Croatia (2-0) and Iceland (3:1). This situation alludes to the fact that Peruvians are more prepared for the encounter with the French and Danes than with the Australians. What seems logical. It is with the European teams, the South Americans will have to fight for qualifying from the group. Although Australians can also show teeth and surprise any opponent.


Still the clear favorite in the last match of the group With looks national team of Peru. Therefore, our forecast is simple – V2. And it is possible that the fate of vouchers in the playoffs will be decided in the final match of the Quartet. So relax Peruvians during the confrontation with the Australians just will not. At least until you can win with a difference at least two goals.

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