Austria – Slovenia 7 June 2019


Austria – Slovenia 7 June 2019

The middle two teams from the Old world is once again ready to compete for qualifying to a major tournament. One of them is worthy of victory in the internal struggle in qualification for Euro 2020: Austria or Slovenia? According to football experts and leading bookmakers, Vic should go to the owners. Let's try to understand why they think so.


Over the past eleven years, "Das Team" only twice been seen at major international tournaments. And both times it was Euros. First team was in 2008 as the hostess, and then made their way to Euro 2016 in France on the same basis. But beyond the group stage Austria took place.

In the recent draw of the League of Nations team led by German coach Franco Fody managed to retain place in division B, taking the second position in a trio with the Bosnians and the representatives of Northern Ireland. What will happen next?


But Slovenia is in the League of Nations openly disgraced, unable to even keep their place in division C. the Team finished fourth, behind the Norwegians, Bulgarians and Cypriots, which will be relegated. But that is no reason to give up in the championship.


Let Austria and not yet scored any points in qualifying, our forecast – a victory of this team. All the team will play at home and deserved to get three points after two insulting defeats in March. But the Slovenians still have time to catch up. Moreover, they have in the Bank already has two points.

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