Ajax – real Madrid 13 Feb 2019


Ajax – real Madrid 13 Feb 2019

The representative of the Dutch League for a long time could not get into the Champions League. And now he triumphantly returns. But can Ajax to beat the current holder of the UEFA Champions League – real Madrid? Leading bookmakers are ready to take your bet. So it's time to decide on their favorite.


Silver medalist of Eredivisie in the current decade n too shone on the international stage. So getting into the group stage of the Champions League has become a small triumph for the ten wards of Eric Haga. What was the surprise of the whole football public when Ajax until the last round to compete with Bayern for first place in the Quartet. And this despite the fact that he was also against Benfica and AEK.

Ajax performs quite well in the domestic championship. After twenty rounds he is in second place, five points behind leaders PSV. And the team loves and knows how to score a lot, showing the beautiful and spectacular football.

Real Madrid

"Butter", which won the three previous Cup Champions League, obviously will not be able again to defend the title. And it's not just the departure of Zidane and the main star of real Madrid – Ronaldo, – but in the decline of key players of the Royal club. Yes, and Santiago Solari can't get through to bale, Benzema and others. And in the background of their bleak game even Modric will not be able to single-handedly drag. In the end, only the third place in La Liga after twenty two rounds and backlog from the main competitor – Barcelona – eight points...


They have picked up form and won four games in a row in the Spanish League. But they will have a very difficult road. And we offer to gamble the owners. Our forecast – a victory of Ajax.

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