Ajax – Tottenham 8 may 2019


Ajax – Tottenham 8 may 2019

Very soon one of the teams, which until recently nobody put, will become a finalist of the Champions League. But who will it be: Ajax or Tottenham? If you believe the odds of Russian bookmakers, the advantage should be on the side of the Netherlanders. That's just the British if they concede them quite a bit.


The Amsterdam players don't lose in the domestic championship with the seventeenth of March and keen to get the win against PSV. But much more important for the wards of ten Haga for the first time in a quarter century to get into the Champions League final. And for this they need to do just one small step to beat Tottenham in their native Johan Cruijff Arena.

Looking back at previous performances of the team in the competition, there is no doubt that Ajax is worthy of reaching the final. Suffice it to recall how the Dutch played against Bayern Munich. Or how to cope with real Madrid and Juventus. Yes, and "Spurs" in London almost a week ago just never did anything against the unstoppable Dutch.


But the team Pocettino enough problems. In the domestic championship they are at the end of the season to concede the third position to their neighbours Chelsea. And yet really it is not clear how Tottenham will open the defense of Ajax. And the main thing not to miss in the opening stages of the second game. Otherwise, they may fall down. In any case, their fans can only hope that the Spurs will give the best match over the last month.


Against the background of his counterparts, guests look a little worse. But rather, because of the absence of its leader – Kane than because of a lack of coaching ideas or talents in the squad. Our prediction is both teams will different goals. And in the final let him play a club more worthy of it.

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