Barcelona – Valencia April 14 – forecast and bet on the match of La Liga


Barcelona – Valencia April 14 – forecast and bet on the match of La Liga


During the week of "Blue garnet" has received a severe flick on the nose from Roma in the main European tournament. After the first match in the Champions League they had to reach the semi-finals, after a convincing victory on the fourth of April with a score of 4:1 is almost guaranteed it. However, on the outskirts of the wards Valverde unexpectedly for many experts, fans and the leading bookmakers, lost with a devastating score 3:0. And left the Champions League on a minor note.

But in La Liga the Barcelona case is that things are quite different. The team never lost in this season and confidently move to the next title. From the nearest rival Atletico Madrid, she was ahead by eleven points. But Valencia with sixty five points is third, ahead of real Madrid to only one test item.


It is logical that the "Bats" need a victory more than their rivals. That's just unlikely angered by failure in the Champions League Messi and company will want to lose second time in a week. Yes, and the family stands.

The desire to win the team Marcelino may be slightly spoil except that the absence of two players – Jimenez and Coquelin. Although without them, "Levantines" are able to show worthy of the spectacle.


If only Barcelona would allow them to do it. We very much doubt that the "Blue garnet", as well as their fans, will be satisfied with any result, except a confident victory. Hence our forecast of P1. Moreover, the number of goals scored certainly can exceed total over 2.5.

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