Belarus – Germany 8 June 2019


Belarus – Germany 8 June 2019

An outsider against one of the strongest teams of the Old world. Belarus against a tough team like Germany. Who is the main contender for the three points? Judging by the proposals of the official BC, the owners practically did not Shine in the forthcoming meeting. Whether so it actually? Let's face it.

The National Team Of Belarus

Was the success of the team from the former Soviet Union for all time of its independence in final major international Championships? Here is the first answer. Until Belarus is, if not an outsider, then, high, middle. Especially in the group with the Germans and the Dutch.

Yes, before that Belarusians really managed to show their character and will to win. But it was so long ago that the current generation of national team players even on TV I could not see those matches. Now, unfortunately, everything is completely different.


What wards the left? The coach along with his coaching staff significantly updated the team in the last two years. This is not the team that reached the semi-finals of the last two Championships of the Old world, and took the main trophy of the 2014 world Cup in Brazil. All fans of "Germany" didn't triumph at the confederations Cup in 2017, and the shameful failure at the world Cup in Russia a year later. It is time to correct the situation... Germany, are you ready?


Is it worth it compare to rivals? Class players, the Germans significantly outnumber the Belarusians. It's no secret and no mystery. Therefore our forecast – a confident victory of the German national team. How would it not deplorable sounded for all those who are rooting for Belarus.

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