Belgium – England, July 14, forecast and bet on the world Cup


Belgium – England, July 14, forecast and bet on the world Cup

The Belgian Team

The red devils confidently reached the semi-finals. In the group where they took first place, with that hazard, Lukaku and their partners to avoid problems. Two confident of victory and another "control" with "minimal" when the team was playing, in fact, reserve team against the same set of the British. Let them with great difficulty, but beat the Japanese in the eighth.

Problems for the wards of Martinez arose in the quarterfinals. But otherwise, when you're on the lawn facing the Brazilians? But the coach and his team proved that they are worthy to pass on. However, in the semifinals of the French were a little... Better?


Representatives of Foggy Albion have had a good start performance at the world Cup. Many bookies considered them one of the contenders for the medals, and rightly so. With Tunisia and Panama, the team of Southgate no problems. But then something happened insane. The British are almost deliberately "leaked" the first place in the group to get into a weaker part of the grid of the playoffs. However, as it turned out, the meeting with the Belgians on the "maximum speed", they could not be avoided.


If the teams will play the first, slightly more chances to win will be the Belgians. After all, the Red devils don't want to go home without at least a "bronze". However, as their opponent, who won in world Championships since 1996.. Let's still believe in the victory of the national team of Belgium. Which, in case of positive outcome, these medals will be the first in the history of the world Cup.

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