Belgium – Tunisia, 23 June 2018 forecast and bet on the world Cup


Belgium – Tunisia, 23 June 2018 forecast and bet on the world Cup

The Belgian Team

The red devils are considered by most bookmakers as one of the best teams of the Old world. At the last world Cup and Euro 2016, they have reached the stage of one-fourth. And this year the Belgians obviously want at least to repeat the previous achievements. Especially because their competitors in the group G doesn't seem so daunting.

The second match in the 2018 world Cup Belgium national team will play against players from Tunisia. And, as the Panamanians in the previous match, de Bruyne and his companions must defeat the representatives of Africa. If you don't want to postpone the decision to withdraw from the group until the last confrontation with a much stronger team Africa.

The National Team Of Tunisia

Let the Africans, as athletes from Panama, are nominally outsiders of the Quartet, they are not so much inferior in workmanship to those same British. Here with the Belgians in the national team of Tunisia may have problems. But only if wards Roberto Martinez will score first and will control the course of the game. So Africans it is advisable to avoid it. But how to do it in practice? After all the players from Tunisia simply have nothing to oppose the superior performers from Belgium.


In this confrontation there is not much intrigue. Still too much of a difference in class between the Belgians and the Tunisians. Therefore our forecast – P1. And given the fact how Eden hazard and its partners score, we can expect defeat. And, as a consequence, total over 2.5. After all, the protection of the national team of Tunisia is not very reliable.

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