Belgium – Japan, 2 July, forecast and bet on the world Cup


Belgium – Japan, 2 July, forecast and bet on the world Cup

The Belgian Team

Before the start of the tournament players under the guidance of Martinez was considered one of the contenders for the medals. Most bookmakers now no doubt that the Belgian team will play in the semifinals if ¼ of them would not have to play the winner of the "Brazil – Mexico". Group stage the team played well with three wins and nine points. That is the maximum result. And in the third round, almost all the leaders of the team had the opportunity to relax.

It's possible that the match with the Asian team, Martinez won't even release the lineup. After all, there is little doubt that the Belgians are already in the quarterfinals.

Team Japan

But for "Samurai" even out of the group was a significant result, which will not be ashamed to go home. In fairness, the Japanese and so went to one-eighth just by happy coincidence and thanks to the stupidity of the national team of Senegal. Therefore, it remains only to wish them not to lose to the Belgians with the score.

The only chance the Japanese team is confident game in defence and quick counterattacks. But even in this situation, the protection of the European teams have to eat all the attempts of Asians to come.


By far the convincing victory of the national team of Belgium. And you can not even doubt in total over 2.5. Unless Martinez decides to keep hazard, Lukaku and other leaders for the quarterfinals. But such tactics can play with his team a malicious joke. For example, the Germans have "saved" themselves for the playoffs. And now the final will look like Italians. On TV...

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