Benfica – Eintracht Frankfurt 11 APR 2019


Benfica – Eintracht Frankfurt 11 APR 2019

Blind draw a quarter-final LE was offered to fans of football is unpredictable and interesting couple: Benfica and Dortmund. Which of these clubs will be stronger at the end of the two-legged tie? Regarding the outcome of the first match, official bookmaker slight preference decided to give the owners. But should we trust such predictions? Let's think about this.


Ward Bruno Lage is now very easy. They lead the standings of the championship, but the bypass Port at the expense of additional indicators. That is the whole fight for the title in Primeira yet to come. While Benfica manages not to lose from the beginning, or rather, the second of January. Since that time, the Eagles won ten victories and one draw.

Europa League Benfica also feels quite comfortable. Though not without problems, but the Portuguese club have finished in the play-off against Galatasaray and Dinamo Zagreb. But now the "Eagles" will face another strong opponent.


The team from Frankfurt confident of doing the season. In the Bundesliga she settled in fifth place. While Eintracht Frankfurt have not lost in domestic competition since the twenty-second of December last year. Since that time, on account of the German team five wins and four draws. Four Victoria wards, ADI Hutter won the last fight.

In the playoffs LE Eintracht confidently dealt with a miner and then was able to put the squeeze on inter. That is, the German team made the European Cup that two teams have recently played in the Champions League. What is not level?


The teams have never crossed each other neither in competition nor in friendly matches. But still , our prediction for the first match, hardly someone will surprise – a home win or draw. Kakimi would be lucky and the strong, the frankfurters would not have been, not the fact that they can overcome Benfica in the not-lair.

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