Bulgaria – Montenegro on 22 March 2019


Bulgaria – Montenegro on 22 March 2019

Two strong but not the strongest teams in group A, will meet each other in the first round of qualifying for Euro 2020. Bulgaria or Montenegro? Who is more worthy of three points? According to official bookmakers, victory must be won by the hosts. But is it really?

The National Team Of Bulgaria

For a long time, the "Lions" failed to qualify for the final of the major competition. Yes, twenty-five years ago they won the world Cup in the United States in fourth place. But since then, the FIFA world Cup "Tricolor" was made only once – in 1998. And at Euro 2004 they can not get.

But in the drawing of the League of Nations, the team of Petar hubchev has maintained residence in the C division, finishing in second place in the company of Norwegians, Cypriots and Slovenes. Now is the time to step forward.

The National Team Of Montenegro

"Brave falcons" also remained in the League C the draw LN. But with much more difficulty. They were only third in the group with Serbia, Romania and Lithuania. If you remember about the hit at the major international competitions, Montenegro have never qualified for any world Championships or the Euro. Although the selections could spoil the mood, even the favorites.


Both teams are clear contenders for spots in the final of EURO 2020, as the minions can be considered as the British and the Czechs. But still a fierce struggle between the teams of Bulgaria and Montenegro at least for third place is still worth the wait. Our forecast for their first full-match – P1. All the Bulgarians looked a little better in the last year.

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