Bolivia – Peru June 19, 2019


Bolivia – Peru June 19, 2019

It's time for the second round of the group stage of the Copa America 2019. And open it the match, which will meet Bolivia and Peru. Which team is closer to success? Almost all Russian bookmakers do not doubt the victory "of the Incas." But is it seriously inferior to the nominal owners. Gonna find out right now.


For a long time, "La Verde" can't get to the world Championships. The last time Bolivia shone in the finals of the world Cup twenty-five years ago. And in the America's Cup "Green" for several years, can't prove himself. Their latest impressive achievement is the quarter-finals in 2015.

In the current Copa America wards Eduardo Villegas began with the defeat of the hosts of the championship, the Selecao. Now, the team occupying last place in group with index a, one gets an extremely complicated situation. The team desperately needed Victoria.


The team under the command of Argentine coach Ricardo Garci the situation is not much better. Only one points. But after the game against Bolivia to meet with the Brazilians. So it is advisable to get the three points now and to make up for the goalless draw against Venezuela. In General, Peru national team quite on forces to cope with "Green". Unless by "Inca" don't underestimate opponents.


Still the "White-red" outperform "Green" in the classroom. Therefore, our forecast is unlikely to cause someone a surprise victory against Peru. Most importantly, the team Gareki was not too relaxed, as happened in the previous game.

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