Bolivia – Venezuela 22 Jun 2019


Bolivia – Venezuela 22 Jun 2019

Two of the weakest teams of the group And the current Copa America will converge among themselves in the last match of the first stage of the tournament. Bolivia and Venezuela: who should get three points? If you believe the opinion of an official of BC, then much more chance of three points there is at nominal guests. But will they be able to dominate in the arena Mineirão?


"La Verde" has become one of the major disappointments in the current Copa America. They were defeated by the hosts of the tournament, the Brazilians (3:0), and then lost to the Peruvians with the score 1:3. That is, for two games Bolivia managed to score only once and did not take any points.

Even theoretical chances of an exit in the playoffs left. But Bolivia is still able to spoil the mood of the fans from Venezuela. And you do not even have to win. You can just make a draw.


The team of Rafael Dudamel this time needed to win. Any other result is a "Red wine" are not satisfied. May Venezuela never lost in Copa America 2019, but it has only two points after two rounds. The dry draw and after the results with the Peruvians and Brazilians desperately need to take three points. Otherwise, any chances of further participation in the tournament is not saved.


Shape is Venezuela good at the moment much better. But this does not mean that Bolivia can not be angry, and to please their fans at least in the last battle in the Copa America in 2019. Still our prediction is to win Dudamel. Venezuela is more deserving of Victoria and three points, no matter how it was sad for fans of "Green".

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