Brazil, Costa Rica, 22 June 2018, forecast and bet on the world Cup


Brazil, Costa Rica, 22 June 2018, forecast and bet on the world Cup


The blind draw put one of the strongest teams of the New world with a representative of the CONCACAF – group from Costa Rica. And Brazilians have to contend with a rival who is well aware of the possible charges Titus. True, Neymar, Willian, Coutinho companions studied his opponent. So it is unlikely that Costa Ricans will be able to surprise the more famous competitor for an exit from group E. Although anything can happen. But no wonder that the majority of bookies called Brazilians one of the main contenders for the gold in 2018?

Team Costa Rica

At the last world Cup held in Brazil, the Costa Ricans managed to surprise not only their fans, but the whole world. All of a sudden they took first place in group with Uruguay, Italy and England. And then in the penalty shootout knocked out the Greeks in the eighth. Only the next stage, the luck turned away from them. Team Costa Rica again "wait" until the penalty shoot-out. But this time, took her opponent to the Netherlands. It is the "Orange" and passed on. And the players of the national team of Costa Rica proved to the world that they know how to play football.


In St.-Petersburg wards Tito obviously won't underestimate his opponent. And, as if Costa Rica was not prepared for this confrontation, her chances of winning are minimal. So our forecast – P1. After all, Brazil is now very different from what it was four years ago. And she is able to beat any opponent. Even more powerful than the Costa Ricans.

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