Brazil – Mexico, July 2, forecast and bet on the world Cup


Brazil – Mexico, July 2, forecast and bet on the world Cup


The Selecao to their quotations of the majority of the bookies continues to be one of the favourites for the world Cup in Russia. Yes, as shown in the group stage, the team still facing problems. But she is gradually coming to peak form, gaining with every match. Moreover, in one-eighth of the national team of Brazil got is not the most formidable opponent.

With such players, the coaching staff can rest assured in the confident actions of his players. If all the leaders of the team Titus will remain in the ranks (and to get injured or ill they are unlikely during a short pause), their future opponent will have virtually no chance.

Mexico National Team

Especially that five-time world Champions be an insurmountable barrier for Mexicans at major international tournaments for many years. It is unlikely that the "Green" will be able to cope with "the ancient curse". Too weak, the national team of Mexico in the background of his more famous rival. After all, she beat the Germans (which, as it turns out, not such a great achievement), but then got a serious slap in the face from a team from Sweden...


We have no doubt that Brazil will enter the quarter finals. No matter how hard the Mexicans, but it is unlikely they will be able to have something to oppose such a prominent opponent. Though to score against the Brazilians they are quite capable. But miss Green certainly more than the score. Considering the attacking potential of Brazil, it also makes sense to think about a total score greater than 2.5.

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