Brazil – Peru July 7, 2019


Brazil – Peru July 7, 2019

It's time for the forecast for the final of the Copa America 2019. Can Brazil win the long awaited Cup, beating the national team of Peru? The largest bookmakers almost n doubt in a positive outcome for the Selecao. They have made a serious way, and quite worthy of the victory in the home tournament. But do the players Peru so just accept defeat?


For the first few years of the Selecao, I felt the power to win a trophy at international level. This is not the team that failed to pass the Belgians in the quarterfinals of the 2018 world Cup a year ago. And this despite the fact that now Brazil has to play without their main stars injured Neymar.

During the America's Cup wards Titus managed not to miss a single ball of the game. They scored only Paraguayans in the penalty shoot-out. Then Brazil lost to Argentina and is now preparing for the most important confrontation of the summer.


But "Inca" nobody considered the favorites. They had great difficulty has issued a ticket to the playoffs for only the third place of their group. Yes, in the quarterfinals and did not Shine, only narrowly beating Uruguay on penalties. But in ½ the players Peru has gone full. They left no chance for the Chileans and beat them with the score 0:3. Will there be enough "White-red" have a crush on another match?


No matter how hard the national team of Peru, it is unlikely that the teeth to overcome the Selecao. Our forecast – a confident victory of owners of tournament. And Brazil is much more deserving of the trophy than their opponent wards Titus defeated in the group stage with the score 0:5.

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