Chelsea – Dynamo March 7, 2019


Chelsea – Dynamo March 7, 2019

Representatives of the two capitals – Ukrainian and British – will meet among themselves in duels 1/8 LE. Will Dynamo Kiev to oppose Chelsea at Stamford bridge? Official bookmakers do not believe in the success of the hotel. But let us analyze the results of both clubs recently, and then announce our forecast.


After the dismissal of Comte and ward early in the season, Surrey for the position of head coach of "Seniors" became "storm" is even stronger. New mentor cannot be subordinate to instill his style of play and force them to play the way he demands from them. In the end Chelsea can beat one of the leaders (for example, Manchester city with the score 2:0 in the first round), and then devastating to concede. And not just the same "Citizens" (6:0), but, for example, Bournemouth (4:0). So it is unlikely that Blue will be able to get into the TOP 4. And Maurizio Sarri should not expect to work in London next season.

Unless Chelsea win the Europa League. The command for this is everything. Good selection of players. A talented coach. Loyal fans. It remains only for them all to find a common language.

Dynamo Kiev

It seems that "White-blue" will not be able to impose on the miner, the fight for the championship. After nineteen matches they are behind the Donetsk team's seven points, to win the Pitmen almost impossible. Instead, the wards Khatskevich and a silver medal is also second to none. After all, Alexandria, Zorya or Shakhtar Donetsk is clearly not able to compete with the Kyiv club.

In LE of wards of Alexander Khatskevich all went well. Largely due to luck. But now the limit of luck is exhausted. How else to explain the fact that the opponents of Dynamo one of the toughest possible opponents in the round?


No matter how hard the Kiev club, he can't beat a team the level of "Retired". Not this season for sure. And certainly not at Stamford bridge. And even without the suspended Verbicha one of the leaders of the attack "it is White-blue". Our forecast is for a confident Chelsea win.

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