Montenegro – Kosovo on 7 June 2019


Montenegro – Kosovo on 7 June 2019

Two representatives of the Balkan Peninsula are preparing to play each other in the framework of selection for Euro 2020. Montenegro or Kosovo? Which team will win in full-time duel? If you believe the figures bookmakers, the owners should at least not to lose on away win odds are too exorbitant. But let us remember, as played both teams recently.

The National Team Of Montenegro

"The brave falcons" has never in its history since independence, failed to qualify for the final of the international Championships. Not the fact that they are able to be among the best at Euro 2020. It is enough to remember how Montenegro played at the recent League of Nations. The team finished in third place in group with teams from Serbia, Romania and Lithuania. And get it managed just seven points.

And the start of the selection to the European championship for the Montenegrins was not too successful. They have already managed to snatch a draw away against the Bulgarians (1:1) and run into the defeat of the representatives of the Foggy Albion at home (1:5). Too depressing for a team that wants to get into the main draw of the European championship.

Team Kosovo

Team Swiss coach Bernard Challandes to the surprise of many in the opening qualifying round they took points against the Bulgarians (1:1). Will the players of the Kosovo unbeaten run? Is not the fact. Although they are not so bad made in the League of Nations and for sure will not "donor points" for opponents.


Still at home Montenegro must achieve a positive result. Our forecast – P1. Although unable to score both teams.

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