Chile – Peru June 28, 2019


Chile – Peru June 28, 2019

The holders will meet in the semi-finals with a team from Peru. Whether Chile to cope with the "Incas" and to reach the final of the Copa America for the third time in a row? Leading bookmakers are confident in the success of the red team. And there are several reasons which will be discussed now.


In 2015 and 2016, "the Red team" twice in a row was the winner of the Copa America. That is, at the moment it is the national team of Chile protects the title. And very good.

In the group stage the team of Reinaldo Rueda scored six points and took second place in the third round of the minimum losing to Uruguay (0:1). But the players of the national team of Chile rehabilitated in the quarterfinals, where they met with Colombia. In regulation time, the teams account access failed. And in the post-match kicks from eleven meters the Chileans were stronger. And they continue to March to a third title in a row.


But "Inky" got to the playoffs largely due to luck. They reached the quarter-finals with third place. And were considered the underdogs in the clash with Uruguay. But suddenly the national team of Peru has managed to contain the onslaught of the opponent and missed. However, themselves wards of Ricardo Garci failed to score. But in football lottery players in Peru were stronger. Now they are waiting for the next serious contender.


Two teams of "La Roja" looks significantly better. She has a stronger composition, and teamwork Chile much better. Our forecast – P1. Although easy prey for a victory for the nominal home team for sure will not.

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