Chile – Uruguay on 25 June 2019


Chile – Uruguay on 25 June 2019

Two best teams of group C will finish the group stage of Copa America fight among themselves. Who will be first: Chile or Uruguay? Quotes official bookmakers with a small advantage on the side of the nominal owners. But Uruguay underestimate just not worth it. What to put in the upcoming battle? Find out right now!


"The red team" once again powerfully starts at the Copa America. But what else to expect from the team that won this tournament twice in recent years – in 2015 and 2016? Anyway, the national team of Chile in the first round destroyed the Japanese (0:4), and then coped with Ecuador (1:2). Now we have to take another step. The only question is who wards Reinaldo Rueda wish to play in the quarterfinals – with the Colombians or Peruvians? In any case, to take first place in the group, they don't even have to win. Enough of a draw.


"Heavenly Olympians" for leadership in the Quartet is only required Victoria. They, like Chile, has not lost in the previous two games. The charges Oscar Tabares behind the defeat of Ecuadorians (4:0) and draw with Japanese (2:2). The second Uruguay is unlikely that someone will move. But this team can finish on a positive note. And for this you just need to beat unmotivated Chileans.


Both teams can win. But nominal guests that Victoria needs. I doubt whether the Chileans will expend energy before the quarter finals, where they already guaranteed a place. So our forecast is for a draw or P2. It is quite possible that the teams will again score more than one goal in each of the gates.

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