Ecuador – Chile on 22 June 2019


Ecuador – Chile on 22 June 2019

Outsider and one of the favorites. Ecuador vs Chile. Which of the teams will be one step closer to the exit in the playoffs Copa America 2019? Most leading bookmakers are inclined to believe that is much closer to Victoria and three points nominal visitors. But whether so immediately write off the team, Hernan Dario Gomez?


For the "Tricolor" championship of South America started extremely unsuccessfully – with the defeat of the national team of Uruguay with the score 4:0. This had an impact on the psychological state of the team. Now Antonio Valencia and his comrades need to readjust. That's only if the Chileans to take their first points in the tournament? Because the composition of Ecuador exactly inferior...


But the team of Reinaldo Rueda, on the contrary, began his March in the group stage of Copa America 2019 with a confident victory over the Japanese. 0:4 definitely has empowered Vidal, Sanchez and their teammates. Another three points and Chile guarantees a place in the playoffs. So why not get them for the second fight in the tournament? After all, a positive outcome will definitely give ward Reinaldo Rueda confidence. And they'll need it when you have to face top opponents.


Both teams can still surprise. Yes, Ecuador is inferior to his opponent throughout the depth of the composition and quality of performers in almost every line. Team Chile looks in the upcoming fight a little better. At least, due to the presence in the composition of several stars of world level. Therefore our forecast – P2. But Ecuador are unlikely to progress to the next round this time.

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