Ecuador – Japan 25 June 2019


Ecuador – Japan 25 June 2019

Two of the weakest representative of the Quartet will meet in the final round of the Copa America 2019. Ecuador or Japan? Which team is more deserving to finish the first stage at a higher place? The opinions of bookmakers on this issue split almost equally. So which outcome is better to put in the upcoming battle? Let's find out right now.


In recent years, the "Tricolor" does not Shine in the international arena. And now wards of Hernan Dario Gomez managed to take any points in two meetings. They got four unanswered goals from Uruguay and then lost to the Chileans with the account 1:2.

Now the team has one last chance to earn at least one point – a place in the play-off is an elusive goal. But only whether Ecuador to cope with the uncompromising guests from Asia?


The "blue samurai" played quite well in last year's world Cup, having reached the one-eighth. But the Copa America they were not so lucky. The defeat of the Chile national team (0:4) and a draw with Uruguay (2:2) allowed the Asians still expect to qualify from the group. But to that end, Japan is obliged to beat the Ecuadorians. Whether it's to make wards Hajime Moriyasu?


Both teams not too and deserve the opportunity to play in the playoffs. But still, the Japanese looked at the tournament intresnee and fresh. Therefore our forecast – P2. The nominal guests were shown better. So why in the rest of the meeting they can not cope with Ecuador, which is clearly weaker at the moment?

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