France – Argentina, June 30, and forecast bets on the world Cup


France – Argentina, June 30, and forecast bets on the world Cup


Before the start of the world Cup , many bookmakers took wards Deschamps to obvious favorites, able to get at least to the finals with a good chance. The French team won the two first match, and then almost with the second team calmly brought the match to the dry draws in the third round.

For three matches in the group stage, Les Bleus have lost only once, which indicates the reliability of its defense. But in the other lines in the team has enough talented performers. Suitable to meet future opponent after a good rest and sufficient recovery time.


But Messi and his teammates made their fans like to be nervous. They first played a draw with the Icelanders, and then lost to Croatia. Only through over-the-top commitment (when else would you see Messi is spread in a tackle?) players in the match with Nigeria, and a good coincidence was released in Argentina one-eighth. Will the players forget the horror of the group stage and to prepare, both physically and psychologically, to meet with the French?


Anyway, but to beat the French team the Argentineans would take a miracle. Fortunately, that is a "miracle" they have. And not only in the person of Messi, but that he finally learns to communicate with partners. If Argentina play as a team and not as a group of players that is looking for a tenth ahead of his rooms, she might just make it. But we still offer to put on A1.

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