France – Croatia, July 15, forecast and bet on the world Cup


France – Croatia, July 15, forecast and bet on the world Cup


This is the time of the main match of the world Cup in Russia. And the leading bookmakers, as well as ordinary football fans, you could hardly expect that in the finals will play the teams of France and Croatia. Although looking at the performance of DECHEMA, their appearance in this game read more since their performances in the group stage.

The French have never lost in this tournament and showed excellent game. Now they will face another difficult opponent. But the Croats are not so "cool" like the Argentines, Uruguayans or the Belgians, with whom "Le Bleu" managed. So they will be favourites in the fight for victory in the tournament.


Though the blazers are unlikely to give up without a fight. They have already proved to the world that can cope with any opponent. Croats dealt with all the opponents in the group. And this, at the moment, Argentina, Nigeria and Iceland. Next they moved not so simple. Wards Zlatko Delica all the matches in the playoffs had to play hundred and twenty minutes. And in confrontations with the Danes and the Russians still shoot. Do not affect whether the fatigue after such a difficult and busy schedule? Especially before the final, the Croats rested for the day less French...


We are confident in the victory of the French team. They are too superior in the class of his opponent. Although Modric, Rakitic and the company can still tickle the nerves of the current Vice-champion of Europe. However, as the teams will be cautious, a large number of goals we are unlikely to see.

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