Iceland – Croatia, 26 June 2018 forecast and bet on the world Cup


Iceland – Croatia, 26 June 2018 forecast and bet on the world Cup


One of the main sensations of the Euro 2016 not to be envied. Experienced bookmakers still don't think the national team of Iceland a favorite even in the fight for the second ticket in the group, and we now approach the matches against them seriously. Will the team once again to wow the fans and win a ticket to the playoffs? Still confront them though not world Champions or Europe, but very impressive team.


Approximately the same can be said about the Croats. The team, which are outstanding players, stars in the sky is not enough and tries to win every match. Yes, wards of Zlatko Galicia, who succeeded as head coach Ante Cacica, not all turns out. For example, in preparation for the world Cup they lost at the end of March against Peru (2:0). But by the summer everything could change.


Icelanders and the Croats are well familiar with each other. During the selection process for the 2018 world Cup they were in the same subgroup. And then the team scored a home victory. That's just in General, Iceland was stronger and won the group. And the Croats finished in second place, but qualified for the tournament after the play-offs with the Greeks.

The chances of both teams to win are approximately equal. Everything will depend on the condition of the players and all the leaders of the teams on the field. For example, without Sigurdsson, playing for Everton, Icelanders will be much harder to score. But both teams like and know how to attack. Therefore our forecast – total over 2.5.

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