Cyprus – San Marino on 21 March 2019


Cyprus – San Marino on 21 March 2019

One of the most boring fights at the start of qualification for EURO 2020 is Cyprus vs San Marino. Both teams without the stars of world football in the squad. Both do not Shine in the international arena. But still who is the favorite? Official bookmakers believe in the victory of the hosts. And there are several reasons for this. Read more about them below.

Cyprus National Team

The neutral fan doesn't know much about the team, coached by Israeli coach Ran Ben Shimon. No wonder, because Cypriots are not that did not Shine, and altogether in its history did not go in the finals of the world Championships or Europe. However, the team repeatedly snapped and hurt a bit even the most worthy opponents.

But in the League of Nations the representatives of Cyprus has shown itself already in the first draw. They managed to take third place in the Quartet with the Norwegians, Bulgarians and Slovenes. But still had to leave the division C since become the worst team of those that took the last place. But now for the Cyprus national team, many will be treated with respect.

The National Team Of San Marino

You can not say about the "White-blue". The weakest team of the Old world according to UEFA. There is no doubt that the national team of San Marino will simply continue to give points to their rivals, as it was in all previous qualifications for major competitions.


Looking at the difference of teams in the class, there is no doubt when you select a favorite. Our forecast – a victory of the national team of Cyprus. Because this team is much better. Especially in recent years.

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