Colombia – Paraguay 23 Jun 2019


Colombia – Paraguay 23 Jun 2019

The leaders of group B will meet together in the final round of the Copa America. Some of them will be the sole leader: Colombia or Paraguay? Both teams have fared well and can win or lose. Although a favorite, according to most bookmakers, are still the nominal owners. But is it really?


The "kovasti" have to win again to finish the group stage with a perfect result. Previously they dealt with Argentina (0:2) and Qatar (1:0). And deservedly scored six points, securing first place in the Quartet.

Now it only remains to ask whether Carlos Caros rest to his leaders. If they appear on the field from the first minute, the Colombian easily cope with the opponent. That's just Victoria Falcao and his comrades were not so necessary.


You can not say about "Guarani". They definitely need to win. After all, Paraguay has only two points in the asset. And risks not to get in the playoffs, if you lose or even play the third draw in the group stage.

Wards Argentine coach Eduardo Berizzo in General deserve a place in the next round. Here only they had to play carefully and with Qatar, and Argentina. Because both times, Paraguay was in the lead, but put the squeeze on opponents and could not...


Much will depend on the lineups. If the head coach of Colombians since the beginning of the meeting produce on the field of Fonte Nova stadium, reservists, then beat the "Red-white" it will be very hard. Our forecast – TM2.5because it is unlikely that both players will run headlong forward. And the chances of success, in our opinion, still more than from Paraguay.

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