Netherlands – England 6 Jun 2019


Netherlands – England 6 Jun 2019

The League of Nations returns to the field of view of the fans, the semifinal meetings will be held in Portugal in early June. In ½ will meet the Netherlands and England. And even experienced domestic bookmakers can not definitely say which side will prevail. So what would be the most likely outcome of the coming confrontation?


For the first time after the 2014 world Cup in Brazil "Orange" slowly returning to the elite of world football. They failed the European and world Championships, and now again ready to fight for the trophies. And all thanks to a radical renewal of the composition.

In the group stage of the League of Nations the Netherlands in a bitter struggle dealt with the Germans and the French, finishing first in his top three. However, after that the Dutch has managed to give the German national team with the score 2:3. But that's another story, as it happened during qualification for Euro 2020.


A team under the leadership of Gareth Southgate, too, for the first time in many years, once again fighting for the international trophy. Yes, the Three lions could take a bronze medal at last year's world Cup. But then they were stopped by the Belgians (2:0). And since then, the representatives of the Foggy Albion became only stronger.

In the League of Nations England has left out of work teams of Spain and Croatia. And in the selection for Euro 2020 after two rounds, the British occupy the first place in their group. So they are in great shape.


How would not look cool Netherlands, their future opponent just will not give up without a fight. Our forecast of N2. One can only hope that the "Three lions" have enough moral and physical strength for another important match after the finals of the Europa League and Champions League.

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