The Netherlands – Belarus on 21 March 2019


The Netherlands – Belarus on 21 March 2019

One of the favorites groups with the index C will begin the path to Euro 2020 with home match. The Netherlands will host Belarus. Whether guests hope at least a draw away? Unlikely. This is what speak directly quotes the official bookmakers. Too strong now Dutch. Yes and they are clearly better than their future counterparts.

The Netherlands

For a long time, "Orange", not much luck. The generation that brought the bronze medal at the world Cup in Brazil in 2014 (and defeating the hosts of the world Cup with the score 0:3) was gradually retired. And the youth could not adequately replace an experienced and proven fighters. But after a disastrous qualifier for Euro 2016 and the 2018 world Cup, the Dutch again returned to service.

In the recent draw of the League of Nations, the Netherlands has managed to leave behind the teams of France and Germany to reach the semifinals of the new tournament. This means not only that the Dutch have become much stronger and more dangerous, but the lack of a large pressure. Indeed, in the case of failure of the qualification for EURO 2020 they have to keep the chance to qualify for the tournament through LN.

The National Team Of Belarus

But the "White wings" managed to win in the League of Nations their group and go up in division C. But still competed Belarus with a modest Luxembourg, Moldova and San Marino. So we can hardly expect from the guys, Igor, Kriushenko perfect game in the matches against the favorites. But to write off them to account before going to the field is not worth it.


All the Dutch unlikely to yield such a humble opponent. Our forecast – a victory of the Netherlands. But it's possible that Belarusians will be able to take revenge (or at least draw) in his field.

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