Norway – Romania 7 June 2019


Norway – Romania 7 June 2019

Two far the most popular team in recent years will meet each other in qualifying for Euro. Who will be more successful in the fight for three points: Norway or Romania? If you believe the major bookmakers, then good luck needs to be on the side of the Scandinavians. But whether they are superior to their counterparts?


Long time Scandinavian team failed to collect a composition, which would act at the level of the previous generation, good ferulago in the nineties. And now the coaching staff under the guidance of Swedish coach Lars Lagerbäck is the chance. In his possession came the athletes level of Johansen, king, and others. Though it's not the star of the first magnitude, but they have already managed to prove himself. With them in the part of Norway took first place in the group of the League of Nations with the Bulgarians, Slovenians and Cypriots, making up in division B.


But the "Carpathian guys" that are in the League of Nations also played in division C, was less fortunate. They finished second in group C with Serbia, Montenegro and Lithuania. But in the selection for Euro 2020 wards Cosmin Contra has managed to earn three points at home defeating the Faroe Islands with the score 4:1. However, before that they lost 2:1 to the Swedes...


Let the Scandinavians only one point in the asset after the first two rounds of qualifying, but they fared well in games against Spain (2:1) and Swedes (3:3). Therefore our forecast – a victory of the hosts. Moreover, Norway will play in their territory.

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