Paraguay – Qatar June 16, 2019


Paraguay – Qatar June 16, 2019

One of the eminent representatives of the New world in the first round of the Copa America 2019 will meet with a team from the Middle East. Which team will get the victory in Paraguay or Qatar? If to trust the leading bookmakers, they do not doubt the success of the representatives of South America. But whether they are greater than his future counterpart? Let's deal.


For a long time, "Guarani" can't succeed in international competitions. Now the team of Eduardo Berizzo at least on the part of his wards, may apply for an exit in the playoffs of the Copa America.

Whether it is worth remembering, as Paraguay reached the quarterfinals of the world Cup in 2010? The team from the New world then faced decent future triumphant world Cup team Spain. Only after the Paraguayans were unable to prove themselves on the international stage. Perhaps that will change in the near future.


"Burgundy" so far are the dark horse of the Copa America 2019. Yes, in your region they really managed to make noise. That's only if this team can withstand the strongest representatives of the New world? Find out in the coming days.

And yet let's remember that Qatar became the champion of the Asian Cup, and thus qualified for this tournament. So n should discount the modest team. He can still surprise you.


They are hardly the Paraguayans so just give the victory to the representatives of the Middle East. Our forecast – a victory of the New world. But not the fact that the total exceeds 3.5.

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