Peru – Brazil June 22, 2019


Peru – Brazil June 22, 2019

Two of the best representative of the Quartet And are ready to meet each other in the final match of the group stage of this season's Copa America. Peru or Brazil? Which team finish first? Most bookmakers tend to believe that the highest place in the group will take the masters tournament. So seriously inferior to the Peruvians? Let us look at this complicated puzzle right now.


"White-red" is not shone in recent years on any major international tournament. Yes, they made their way to the 2018 world Cup in Russia. But left it fairly quickly. Now the team led by Argentine coach Ricardo Garci has all the chances to succeed in the Copa America. And for this team Peru have to do a little, but at the same time, an incredible step. To defeat the hosts of the America's Cup.

If you look at past results of Peruvians, that they are able to cope with the eminent competitors. Still, "the Incas" drew with Venezuela (0:0) and dealt with Bolivia (1:3). So why don't they just fight one more Grand in the coming match?


It is unlikely the Selecao largely influenced by the injury of Neymar before the start of the home Copa America. Still this team needs to go on the field (especially at home) and to deal with any opponent, regardless of its status. Especially after the failure at home world Cup five years ago. So why is it still Brazil could not achieve dominance even in the New World?

Yes, nominally the Selecao the lead group A after two rounds of the America's Cup 2019. But they managed not to score Venezuelans. Is it not a bell before the confrontation with the "red and White"?


Still unlikely with such support and such a part of Brazil Umudteach to lose. Our forecast of N2. And the tournament hosts are required to go to the playoffs from the first place. With him or without him.

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