Peru – Denmark, 16 June 2018, forecast and bet on the world Cup


Peru – Denmark, 16 June 2018, forecast and bet on the world Cup

The National Team Of Peru

Already in his debut match at the 2018 world Cup team from South America must win. Otherwise, the chances of qualifying from the group, which will draw also got the French, the Danes and the Australians will be significantly reduced. The more that the national team of Peru had reached the final of the world Cup for the first time since 1982.

Wards Ricardo Gareki immediately be confronted with the Danes team is dangerous and unforgiving. But Peruvians know how to beat these opponents. For example, in a friendly match at the end of March they confidently defeated the Croats with the score 2:0. So the Danes in opposition to their team in South America will not be easy.


The team running age Hareide shows good results not only in Europe but also beyond. It is not surprising that the Danes, headed by such leaders as Eriksen, had qualified for the main football tournament of the planet. However, the largest bookmakers in the world do not consider this team a favorite even in the struggle for an exit in the playoffs. But that Danish team will give fight, and Peruvians, and the French and Australians, there is no doubt.


In opposition to the Peruvians and the Danes seem to be favorites first. Even though a number of years, the team lacked at the world Championships. All the same it is not talking about the weakness of the national team of Peru, and the high level of football in South America.

But Danes cannot be called an obvious outsider. It is very tenacious and disciplined team, capable to give battle to any opponent. So an easy walk in the confrontation with them, the Peruvians can be expected. But our forecast of P1.

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