Portugal – Netherlands on 9 June 2019


Portugal – Netherlands on 9 June 2019

It's time to determine the winner in a new tournament called the League of Nations. Who will be the winner of the trophy in the inaugural Portugal or the Netherlands? Official bookmakers, judging by their quotes, the hosts of the final part of the challenge. But is it superior to the Portuguese of his opponent before the decisive game in Port?


Wards Fernando Santos has come a long way for this home finale. It's possible that stepping up to him they began by building a new team before Euro 2016, in which the "European team" won gold awards. Let then Portugal and frankly ruined the 2018 world Cup in Russia in the League of Nations the team performed quite well.

And now let us remember that the group stage of the LN team Santos played without their main star. Ronaldo decided to take a break in performances for the national team after his transfer from real Madrid to Juventus Turin. And Portugal was able to cope with such daunting opponents as Italy and Poland. Then Cristiano is back in the national team. In the semi-finals and immediately scored a hat-trick, sending out Swiss. Now the trophy left to do just one step.


"Orange" is ready to return to the elite of world football, after a short absence. Suffice it to recall the performance of the Dutch players in their clubs last season. After all, remember the game in Barcelona Cillessen, van Dyck and Wijnaldum in Liverpool, de Ligt, de Beeke and blind in Ajax, right?

The Netherlands were confident Englishmen in the semi-finals of the League of Nations. Now it remains only to defeat the Portuguese in their territory to fully regain his confidence before the next major international competition.


Let it ending on the side of "EVthe European team" and will be repeated winner of the "Golden ball", and native stands, and cohesive team under the guidance of an experienced mentor. But our prediction is away win. Netherlands deserved to win this season. Though not in the main tournament, but in his inaugural.

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