Portugal – Ukraine on 22 March 2019


Portugal – Ukraine on 22 March 2019

Two potential leader groups will face each other in the first round of qualifying for Euro 2020. And in Lisbon. Whether Ukraine will be able to take points from a team like Portugal? None of the official bookmakers, according to their quotes, not ready to regard guests as favorite. But really wards of Shevchenko there is no chance at least for a draw?


Let this command and flew with the recent world Cup in Russia just under one-eighth. Let's not forget that she is the current holder of the trophy the last Euros. And in the League of Nations team Fernando Santos has performed very successfully. It Portugal will host the "final four" of the newly created tournament. And its chances of winning the title are very high given the fact that resist in the semifinals this team will be the Swiss.

And the main point. In Portugal returned its leader and captain Cristiano Ronaldo. Even without the five-time winner of the Golden ball in the squad the team looked quite confident. And what will happen to him? Full blast opponents?

The National Team Of Ukraine

Wards of Andrey Shevchenko, not all came out as the head coach would like. Problems in Central defence (for lack of Yaroslav Rakitskiy in particular, but let's not get into things that do not relate to football), the lack of the injured Andriy Yarmolenko on the right wing, and virtually no practice Konoplyanka on the left edge of the field at Schalke.

Let Ukraine to win group of the League of Nations, with the trio of Czechs and Slovaks. But it's true level will be determined in the first qualifier for the upcoming Euros.


What can I say? Our forecast – a victory of a Portuguese team at home. One can only hope that the return leg Ukraine will solve the issue with pricescentre of defence and will give a fitting rebuff to the current European champion.

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