Roma – Porto 12 Feb 2019


Roma – Porto 12 Feb 2019

One of the most smooth pairs 1/8 of the Champions League is Roma and the Port. In the confrontation between the Italian and Portuguese clubs is extremely difficult to identify a clear favorite. It would seem that the experience on the side of the "wolves". But the Dragons are able to make some noise in Europe. In the first match, most bookmakers give a slight preference to the owners. But let's not forget how on the road playing the Portuguese club. But still let us all in order.


Silver medalist of the Series And significantly passed compared to last season. After twenty two rounds of the wards Di Francesco was in seventh position. And the leading Juventus, they are already at a whopping twenty-five points.

In the Champions League too, should not expect from the Italian club repeat last year's history when Rum reached the semi-finals and only in the sharpest struggle lost to Liverpool at the end of two matches. 5:2 in England and 4:2 in Italy, that is "red and Yellow" lost by one goal difference. But now it's a completely different team – in the summer, the Wolves had sold a number of its leaders, and the youth hasn't been able to fully replace them. Hence the not too good results.


But the champion of Portugal manages to show high-quality and productive football, not even having the stars of world scale in the composition. Just the perfect teamwork "Dragons" and an impressive blend of experience and youth. Most likely, the Port will defend his title in the domestic championship. The team sérgio conceição has all the chances to pass on one-eighth in the Champions League. Although in the past the drawing of the main European Turnera they stopped at this stage, losing to Liverpool (who later knocked out and rum).


In our view, the Portuguese have a slightly higher chance of reaching the quarter-finals. And can to deal with the Roma in her current condition even in Italy. Our prediction – away win.

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