Russia – Croatia, July 7, forecast and bet on the world Cup


Russia – Croatia, July 7, forecast and bet on the world Cup

Team Russia

The masters tournament already wiped his nose almost all the largest bookmakers, having made several historical achievements for a couple of days. First, they have reached a previously unattainable milestone, going into the playoffs of the world Cup in the history of the independence of the Russian Federation. And then improved his own result, sensationally defeating the Spanish team.

No matter what anyone said before the start of the world Cup, but Cherchesova managed to put together of the most skilled players a real fighting team. Which is able to fight with teams from the top level. So why in the quarterfinals to beat another, and not the most famous team?


"Checkers" were for the 2018 world Cup only thanks to the victory in the play-offs. But in the final part of the tournament they seemed to have changed. This team in the first round of the group stage dealt with Nigeria (2:0), then defeated Argentina (3:0), and then beat the unyielding Icelanders who lost first place during the selection for the world Cup.

But in one-eighth of Croatia was not like herself. Only in the penalty shootout, modrić, rakitić, mandžukić and their partners managed to snatch a victory over the Danes. Consequently, with this team it is possible to play.


Let's continue to believe in miracles and mustache Cherchesov. Our forecast on the passage of the home team in the semifinals. Also, most likely, both teams to score already in the main time. But the winner may need only two additional extra-time, but penalty shoot-out. In which both teams have already managed to show themselves in one-eighth.

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