Senegal – Algeria 19 July 2019


Senegal – Algeria 19 July 2019

Two strongest teams of Africa are preparing to play the main match on the KAN-2019. Who will be stronger in the finals: Senegal or Algeria? Both teams are approximately equal, as eloquently quotes from leading bookmakers. So what is the final outcome the most likely?


Wards Aliu Cisse was a bit shaken at the start of the Africa Cup of Nations. But still they managed to take second place in the group. After that Senegal has not made any mistakes. Three wins in the playoffs with the same score (1:0) led the team to the finals. And now, in the fight for the trophy, there is no doubt that the team will act much more confident than at the end of last month. Most importantly, to prevent the same mistakes.


"Foxes of the desert" can safely be called one of the best teams of the tournament now. And now they are fully ready to battle for gold. Under KAHN 2019 Algeria have not lost a single match. Even in the playoffs, this team haven't had any problems, except that they themselves have created them in the confrontation with côte d'ivoire. And now they have to make another Victoria for the long-awaited trophy. That's only if they allow Senegal to become the best on the continent?


The teams were crossed among themselves in the group stage. And then Algeria scored a victory with the account 1:0. But now it will be a completely different game. Although we proposed not to risk it and put on Victoria the national team of Algeria again. Still the way a bit, but it is superior to his opponent at the moment.

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