Northern Ireland – Estonia on 21 March 2019


Northern Ireland – Estonia on 21 March 2019

Two outsiders of the group C selection Euro 2020 – the Northern Ireland and Estonia – will try to find out who among them is stronger. According to major bookmakers, more chances of earning three points to the hosts. But is it really?

Northern Ireland

"Green and white army" no longer able to please their fans on an international level. Since the beginning of the century to the last European championship, held in France in 2016. It in the last Euro Northern Ireland suddenly, out of the group. But the truth is I in one-eighth finals she tripped on team Wales – bale, Ramsey and company did not let the team of Michael O'neill's next, beating them with the score 1:0.

But in the first draw of the League of Nations and Northern Ireland is frankly disappointing. Zero points against the Bosnians and Austrians, the last place in the group and a departure in the division C. it is Time to rehabilitate...


"The blue shirts" in General, not more luck. They never participated in the final of a major tournament. And in the LN after the match with the Finns, Hungarians and Greeks and they took the last place with four points and went in the weakest division.

A team headed by Martin Reim, hardly will add dramatically compared to previous matches. But the same applies to her opponent.


All the difference between the teams is too big. But Northern Ireland is still at their stands. Our forecast is simple – P1. No options for Estonians. Not this time.

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