Sevilla – Barcelona April 21 – forecast and bet on the final of the Spanish Cup


Sevilla – Barcelona April 21 – forecast and bet on the final of the Spanish Cup


"Nervines" not all turns out in the domestic arena this season. However, as at the international level. In La Liga "Red-white" while occupy the seventh place, but can compete for the fifth-sixth place with betasom and Villarreal.

This result seems too weak for a team that showed himself in the strongest European competition. After all, nobody needs reminding how many times in recent years Sevilla won the Europa League? And the departure from Bavaria in the current draw of the Champions League looked pretty decent. So why would the team under the guidance of Vincenzo Montella not sweeten previous failures is quite worthy of a trophy? Although most bookies and I think this team is the underdog in the fight for the Cup.


Messi and company, as well as all fans of the team, you just need to forget about the recent disgrace in the Champions League. Help make this not only a victory in the domestic championship, but also winning the Spanish Cup. And to take his "Blue garnet" is quite capable.

Our forecast

"The Catalans" is almost guaranteed the championship. But before that, they managed to cede Roma in the quarterfinals of the Champions League that they will long remember not only detractors, but also its own fans. Forget about it will help win in the final. And so it considers not only the head coach of Barcelona, but also many fans. And how can we not agree with Valverde?

Let's be honest. Our forecast – a confident victory of Barcelona. Too charged will be released on this game "the Catalans". Although there is little doubt that such an experienced Cup player as Sevilla be able to score in the opponent's net at least one goal.

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