Seville – Bavaria, April 3 – forecast and bet on the Champions League match


Seville – Bavaria, April 3 – forecast and bet on the Champions League match


To the surprise of many, the Spaniards were able to read "bus" Jose Mourinho. Although the bookmakers as the outsider opposition. Coach Manchester United did not help even his star acquisition in the face Pogba and other top players. Moreover, the long time injured Ibrahimovic not "escaped" from the team after moving across the ocean, in the Los Angeles galaxy... But that's another story...

Now "the storm of the League of Europe" is forced to face one of the strongest clubs in the world. And the Germans were not Manchester United.


But the future (someone still doubts this?) Champions Germany at the last stage quite confidently dealt with Besiktas. The total score of two bouts of one-eighth finals – 8:1. And the head coach of Bayern, Jupp Heynckes set a record for wins in a row in the main European tournament. Well, what am I supposed to do with this team?



No matter how hard the Spaniards, even at home they are unlikely to beat one of the favorites in the Champions League. Too confident and cohesive are the Germans this season. Especially in the domestic arena, they have already decided the issue with winning the main trophy. It is clear that after this Hynex, before the next send on pension, will try to win the main European Cup. So the forecast in the first confrontation of Seville and Bavaria, as in the second, the obvious – the victory of Bayern. Moreover, considering the strong defense of the Spaniards, not even trying to win the medals this season in La Liga, quite possibly total over 2.5.

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