Sweden – Malta 7 June 2019


Sweden – Malta 7 June 2019

Member of the quarter-finals of the 2018 world Cup against the underdog. Sweden or Malta: which teams worthy of the three points in the third round of qualification for the Euro? Most of Russian bookmakers unanimously believe that the Scandinavians will not allow guests to take home at least one point. How right they are?


"Blue-yellow" are successfully developing and progressing in recent years. And this even given the fact that the national team not so long ago left its main star Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Although it is not exactly Sweden became worse.

At the world Cup in Russia "Blue-yellow" reached the quarterfinals, but they still completely outplayed the representatives of Albion (0:2). But in the League of Nations in their group, the Swedes were not equal. They did it with the Russians and the Turks, taking first place in group 2 of the second division. And will now play in the LF with the best teams in Europe. But this is still need to qualify for Euro 2020.

The National Team Of Malta

One of underdogs six index F along with the Faroe Islands will try to take points away from other teams that are clearly stronger in composition. Malta has not yet shone in this selection. Perhaps this humble team somehow will be revealed during the fight in Scandinavia.


Still Sweden at the moment, in all respects superior to his upcoming opponent. And play the Scandinavians will be in front of the full family stands. So our forecast is for a home win. For which this game difficulty will be just another preparation for the meeting with the Spaniards.

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