Slavia P – Seville 14 Mar 2019


Slavia P – Seville 14 Mar 2019

Two interesting and challenging opponents will meet each other in the Czech capital. Who will emerge victorious from this battle for a place in the 1/16 LE: Slavia or Seville? According to quotes , the official bookmakers, the favourites are still Spanish. But if they just will be in Prague? Let's think about this.

Slavia P

Silver medalist Czech Republic seriously aim for the title this season. Slavia has won twenty matches in the domestic championship (with one draw and three defeats) and after twenty four rounds in the lead with a separation from Victoria in six points. And it's for six games until the end of the season. Why not switch to LES right now?

The club fared well in the Europa League in the autumn. Three wins, a draw and two defeats in the group with Zenit, Copenhagen and Bordeaux allowed the Czech team to become second in group C. Then there was a steady passage of Genk in the Belgian one-sixteenth. And now a confident draw with the Spanish giants on the road.


But the team is Pablo Machín in no hurry to please their fans. With a good start in LA Liga nerviosa significantly passed in the late autumn. And in the end, after six months they were only in sixth place in the championship. And not the fact that Sevilla will finish in evrokubkovogo area.

So there is hope for victory in the LE. But in this game? Yes, in February the "Red-white" have confidently understood with Lazio (0:1, 2:0). But what happened to the locals in the last match of the Europa League? How was it possible to score in the first minute, and then finish the match against Slavia modest with the score 2:2?


It is possible that the owners will hold the result. After all, they will settle for a draw 0:0 or 1:1. That's just to let the Spaniards play the Czechs at their own game? Our prediction – away win.

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