Tottenham – Ajax on 30 April 2019


Tottenham – Ajax on 30 April 2019

Two discoveries this season's Champions League reached the semi-finals. Tottenham or Ajax? One of them will be stronger in London? Official bookmakers a slight preference in the upcoming match on the last day of April to give the owners of the arena in the British capital. But we can't underestimate Ajax, which on departure has beaten this calendar year and real Madrid, and Turin Juventus?


Wards Mauricio Pochettino already proved to the world that they should be considered. Not only in the English Premier League but in the Champions League. Without a chance having finished with Borussia Dortmund in the 1/8, Tottenham knocked out of the main draw competition of the Old world to Manchester city. Someone is willing to say that after such feats they are not worthy of reaching the final?

The main problem of Spurs is the lack of attack Kane, who may not be able to recover from injury and suspension Sona, who received a yellow card in the quarterfinals. Without them, the vanguard of Londoners no longer looks so impressive. But there is no doubt that Pocettino something will come up. Suffice it to recall how the last fights under his direction carried out the same Moura and Llorente.


The team of Eric Haga ten has become a sensation this season's Champions League. Very few people put on the fact that the Amsterdam players will be able to reach at least the group stage. And they left not the current holder of the "big-eared Cup" – real Madrid. And then knocked out Juventus, which was considered one of the favorites. Now Ajax will meet far not the most powerful opponent. Yes, and bloodless due to the lack of leaders.


Let's not speculate who will prevail in London, part of the Champions League semi-final. Our forecast – over 2.5. To justify its extremely simple – and the hosts and guests, are able to competently and act effectively in the attack. But with the protection of those, and other, problems can occur.

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