Uruguay – France, July 6, forecast and bet on the world Cup


Uruguay – France, July 6, forecast and bet on the world Cup

The National Team Of Uruguay

The team Oscar Tabares has repeatedly proved able to cope with any opponent. Group stage the national team of Uruguay made with three wins and maximum points Luggage. And she never missed, for which deservedly won the title of best defense of the tournament.

Now Uruguay will face the most serious contender in this tournament. Yes, Cavani, Suarez and company have already passed Portugal in the eighth. And this team is the defending Champions of Europe and two years ago defeated in the final duel, it is the French. But now the French team is not the team that fans saw for Euro 2016. She has clearly become stronger. And teeth to do a nut to the Uruguayans?


Deschamps not just gathered around the star players. Looks like he managed to create of them a single team which is ready to win in any match. If it's just not nothing decisive game against the Danes in the third round of the group stage, where all happy with a goalless draw... But let's not about sad.

The French came in the playoffs from the first place in the group and managed to knock out of the tournament the national team of Argentina in the eighth. But they missed from the South Americans to three goals. One more than for the entire group stage. Cope if this is not the most reliable defense with the attack of Uruguay?


Most bookmakers believe favorite match of the European team. Logical. Especially that part in the match Cavani, who was injured in the eighth, is still in question. But, if the attacker will be able to recover for the quarter-finals, the teams ' chances of winning are almost equal. After all, the French and Uruguayans strong in attack as never before. So let's not try to guess the winner and invite you to bet on the total over 2.5. Moreover, it is likely that both will score team.

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