Uruguay – Peru 29 Jun 2019


Uruguay – Peru 29 Jun 2019

The leader of a Quartet against only the third team other ready to meet in the quarterfinals of the Copa America 2019. If Uruguay can easily cope with team Peru? Or "Incas" will give battle to his opponent in the fight for the semi-finals? Most domestic bookmakers are inclined to believe that would be stronger wards Oscar Tabares. And let's understand, whether so it actually.


"Heavenly Olympians" a good showing in international competitions in the last twenty years. At the world Cup in South Africa in 2010, they became the fourth. In Brazil at the next world Cup, Uruguay made it to one-eighth. And last year, completed performances at the world Cup in Russia at this stage. This is not surprising, with such a composition. And now the team under the leadership of Tabares can succeed on the America's Cup.

"Sky blue" confidently passed the group stage, never losing (two wins, one draw). They finished the first with seven points. Now they will face opponents that can and should be held.


"Inky" started the current Copa America draw with Venezuela, and then confidently beat Ecuador. But then followed the humiliating defeat of the Brazilians (0:5), which showed the true level of the national team of Peru. But still the "White-red" lucky to reach the playoffs with the third position in group A. What's next?


With almost one hundred percent guarantee you can say that the way the national team of Peru at the tournament is completed. Our forecast – P1. Too looks great now Uruguay.

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